Welcome to the ABC Chapter's
Miller/Coors Bottle Listings

Contained in these listings are all the known variations of Miller/Coors aluminum bottles to date.
These lists will be constantly updated and edited as new bottles are released.

The lists are sorted by general brands (Lite, Chill, Banquet, etc) and then alphabetically
and chronologically. Combined lists (Commemorative, Sports, etc) are sorted the same.
Included in the listing will be Name, GAN Number, Size, Variation
(redem, n/r or 3.2), Year released, any additional info and Crown/Cap used.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.
If you know of a variation not listed, please help us out and use our submittal form.

Apr 11, 2024: Added new Coors Banquet bottle.
Nov 25, 2023: Added Coors Light Champions Ice to hockey.
Sep 9, 2023: Added new redem variants to Coors Light and Miller Lite.
Jun 13, 2023: Added Coors Banquet 150 Years Strong to commem, Coors Light Leagues Cup
to other sports and Miller Lite Summer Flags/J Balvin variant to commem.
Mar 25, 2023: Added Miller Lite J Balvin to commem, Miller High Life clicker test bottle to
Canada and test bottles to Blue Moon/Coors Banquet/Coors Light.
Jul 26, 2022: Added 12 Coors Light Summer to commem and Miller Lite Summer Flag variant.
May 26, 2022: Added Miller Lite Summer Flag bottle to commem.
Apr 10, 2022: Added Coors Light Penguins bottle to hockey.
Feb 16, 2022: Added new Miller Lite variants and Miller Lite J Balvin bottles to commem.
Dec 15, 2021: Added new Blue Moon, two Coors Light Winter to holidays, Miller Lite Flag
variant to commem and two Miller Light bottles to holidays.
Sep 22, 2021: Added 5 Coors Light Summer and 1 2020 Summer variant to commem.
Jun 30, 2021: Added 4 Coors Light Summer to commem and 2 It's Miller Times to commem.
Apr 18, 2021: Added Coors Light Atlanta Braves to baseball.
Jan 3, 2021: Added Coors Light Cold as the Rockies variant and Miller Lite Holiday bottles.
Oct 21, 2020: Added Coors Light Cold as the Rockies bottle.
Aug 3, 2020: Added Miller Lite Flag to commem, Coors Light Summer to commem, Coors Light
Diamondbacks to baseball, Banquet 3.2 variant and Coors Light sticker variant to Mexico.
Nov 27, 2019: Added Miller Lite Holiday Edition bottles to holidays.
Aug 1, 2019: Added Miller Lite Flag 3.2 variant to commem.
Jun 12, 2019: Added 2 Miller Lite Flag to commem and 3 Coors Light Summer to commem.
Sep 17, 2018: Added Miller Genuine Draft Music Amplified to Paraguay.
Jun 24, 2018: Added Coors Light 3.2 variant and two Miller Lite Flag bottles to commem.
May 8, 2018: Added two new Coors Light vertical label bottles.
Dec 14, 2017: Added new Apple Ale to Redd's and Miller Genuine Draft 2018 to Chile.
Oct 1, 2017: Added Coors Banquet/Miller Lite/MGD new deposit label variants.
Aug 7, 2017: Added Coors Light Born in the Rockies new deposit label.
Apr 17, 2017: Added Coors Light test bottle, Miller St Pats to holidays, Redd's Apple Ale to
Miller Redd's and two Blue Moons to Coors Blue Moon.
Jan 22, 2017: Added Vertical Lite 3.2 variant to Miller Lite.
Nov 10, 2016: Added Coors Banquet newer redem and 3.2 variants.
Sep 18, 2016: Added Coors Banquet redem variant.
Jul 18, 2016: Added new Coors Banquet, Miler Lite n/r variant and MGD to Uruguay.
Apr 4, 2016: Added new design Coors Banquet to banquet and Coors Light to Canada.
Feb 29, 2016: Added Miller Lite Penguins to hockey and Miller Genuine Draft to Paraguay.
Dec 17, 2015: Added Miller Lite to Lite and Coors Light Stampeders to Canada.
Oct 19, 2015: Added Coors Banquet Legend variant, Coors Light Steelers to football,
Coors Light Born in Rockies variant and two Miller Lite vertical lite variants.
Sep 21, 2015: Added two Born in Rockies to Coors Light, Miller Lite to Mexico
and Miller Genuine Draft to Turkey.
Jun 11, 2015: Moved all Miller/Coors bottles from foreign to these listings, added Coors
Banquet/Light to Mexico, MGD to Columbia/Chile and two Miller Lites to Panama.
Mar 10, 2015: Added Miller Lite Penguins to hockey, Coors Light EDC to commem.
Oct 22, 2014: Added Coors Banquet 3.2 variants and Miller Lite 'Vertical Lite'.
Aug 11, 2014: Added Coors Banquet One Place, Coors Light Special Edition/St Pats
variants and Miller Lite Retro variants to Lite.
Mar 17, 2014: Added Miller Lite Retro, Miller Lite St Pats to holidays,
Coors Light St Pats to holidays and Coors Light Break the Ice variation.
Mar 8, 2014: Added Coors Banquet Water variant and Coors Light Break the Ice.
Dec 20, 2013: Added Miller Lite Heat to basketball and Coors Light SE variant.
Nov 15, 2013: Added Coors Light Special Editions and Coors Banquet Legend variant.
Oct 24, 2013: Added Coors Banquet Water and Miller Lite Red Wings to hockey.
Aug 13, 2013: Added Coors Banquet Legend and new variation to Banquet.
May 11, 2012: Added Miller MGD Turntable bottle, two Miller Lite test bottles
and Coors Banquet 32 oz test bottle to Banquet.
Mar 2, 2013: Added CL Jets/Giants variations to football, ML Chi-rish to commems
and Miller Lite variation to Lite.
Jan 31, 2013: Added Coors Banquet 3.2 variation, new ML label to Lite
and ML Panthers, Bears variation to football.
Jan 13, 2013: Added ML Falcons to football and ML Vegas variation to commemoratives.
Dec 16, 2012: Moved Coors bottles from U.S. and combined listing for Miller/Coors,
added Coors Light Giants and Jets to football.
Nov 16, 2012: Added ML MLB Generic variation to Baseball.
Nov 7, 2012: Added MGD variation and ML Eagles, Vikings to Football.
Oct 28, 2012: Added Packers, Bucs, Ravens, Generic 3.2 to Football,
Generic MLB variation to Baseball, and new MGD variation.
Oct 20, 2012: Added ML Cowboys, Bengals to Football and Red Wings to Hockey.
Oct 8, 2012: Added ML new label to Lite and ML Bears to Football.
Sep 2, 2012: Added four Miller Lite NFL12 variations to football.
Aug 28, 2012: Added Miller Lite NFL12 to football.
Aug 6, 2012: Added Racing catagory, added new variation to Lite.
Jun 30, 2012: Added Generic bottle to baseball and Brickyard to other sports.
May 9, 2012: Added Vegas bottle to Commemoratives.
May 5, 2012: Added Talladega to Other Sports and MGD.
Apr 12, 2012: Added ML Dbacks, Orioles and Nationals to baseball and
Miami Heat to other sports.
Mar 28, 2012: Added ML Indy 500 to other sports.
Mar 22, 2012: Added ML Brewers and Dodgers to baseball.
Mar 18, 2012: Added ML Royals and Wrigleyville to baseball.
Mar 15, 2012: Added ML St Pats to Holidays.
Mar 12, 2012: Added Tigers and Rays to baseball, added Mardi Gras and Rodeo.
Mar 4, 2012: Added ML Indians and White Sox to baseball.
Mar 4, 2012: Initial upload completed, moved 65 bottles from U.S. listing.