Welcome to the ABC Chapter's
Foreign Soda Bottle Listings

Contained in these listings are as many variations of foreign soda, non alcohol containing
(juice, tea, energy, etc..) bottles that can be found and catagorized.
These lists will be constantly updated and edited as new bottles are released and/or found.

The lists are sorted by country and brands (Coke, Pepsi, etc...) and then alphabetically and
chronologically. Included in the listing will be Name, Size, Year released, Bottler,
any additional info and Crown/Cap used (if available).

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.
If you know of a variation not listed, please help us out and use our submittal form.

Feb 28, 2024: Added Alts/Do Me/Schwepps to UK and two Monster/North Water to Canada.
Dec 15, 2023: Added two Agua de Piedra to Mexico, two Pampa Dulce to Argentina, White test
to Spain, White Mist test to Sweden, Rain Forest to Qatar and three Gunna bottles to UK.
Oct 4, 2023: Added Pampa Dulce Mango Passion Fruit/Orange to Argentina, Amp Energy to
Saudi Arabia and six Noosa/two Vessel/Wallaby water bottles to Australia.
Jul 20, 2012: Added Pirenco Water to Argentina, Stardon VIP Energy to Benelux, Tokyo Brew
Americano/Cold Brew/Latte to Thailand and Waterco Avengers to UK.
May 1, 2023: Added four Pampa Dulce to Argentina, Bireleys Orange bottle/Coke Pattern
Design to Japan and two Jimmy's Iced Coffee/Waterco Princess to UK.
Feb 15, 2023: Added six Pampa Dulce to Argentina, two Whent to UK and Dydo OJ to Japan.
Dec 9, 2022: Added Coke FIFA World Cup to China, Coke/Coke Zero FIFA World Cups to
Japan, thirty nine Drink Waters bottles to France and Sports Water Liverpool FC to UK.
Oct 13, 2022: Added Sangaria Ramu/Grape to Canada, Coke Mad Club to Switzerland, Coke
300ml 16 to Japan and Illy Cappuccino/two Cupido bottles to Italy.
Aug 17, 2022: Added Montreal Jazz Fest Water to Canada, Re:Water ABBA bottles to UK,
Jugo Puro de Limon to Argentina and NX Water to Japan.
Jun 21, 2022: Added Nina Tonic to Argentina and five Great Water to Australia.
May 1, 2022: Added six Cabreiroa Origin bottles to Spain, three Inca Kola to Peru, two Coke
Super Nintendo to Japan and Coke book commem to Thailand.
Mar 21, 2022: Added eleven Real Gold to Japan, Golden Eagle to Germany, Rain Forest to
Saudi Arabia, three Georgia Gotica to Korea and Re:Water Benugo sparkling to UK.
Jan 13, 2022: Added Coke Christmas to Japan, Coke Olympics to China, Coke Fifties Girl to
Korea, North Water to Canada, four Filette Water to Italy and nine Re:Water to UK.
Nov 6, 2021: Added Pathwaters to Canada/Mexico, three Inca Kola Bicentennial bottles to Peru,
Coke Annee 2020 to Brazil and Coke Cities Tohoku/three Niziu to Japan.
Sep 3, 2021: Added Coke Olympics to Japan/China, Coke Zero Olympics to Japan, Coke M5
to Germany/Peru, Coke Autumn to Singapore, Coke Club to Turkey and Cabreiroa to Spain.
Jun 8, 2021: Added five Coke cities/Monster Super Cola/Rockstar Energy to Japan, Costa
Coffees to China, Pathwater to Mexico/Hong Kong, Coke M5 to Mexico and Jimmys to UK.
Mar 12, 2021: Added Stander Mint to Germany, Coke Collectors Fair to Brazil, Pathwater to
Mexico, Pathwater Fish Bowl to Australia and Re:Water to UK.
Dec 20, 2020: Added Red Bull to Belgium/Australia, Lofotens to Norway, Coke Light Isparta
to Turkey, Golden Eagle to Germany and Coke Bape/Milo/Fukui, 2 Fanta/Gokuri to Japan.
May 18, 2020: Added Coke Olympics/Sakura/Fanta Orange/Pepsi Nex Zeros to Japan, North
Water to Canada, Faxe Kondi to Denmark and Coke Sakura to Korea.
Dec 29, 2019: Added Red Bull to Italy/Russia, Coke/Coke Zero to Turkey, Coke M5 variants
to Brazil/Chile/UK, Coke to Peru, Georgia Gotica Henri Matisse bottles to Korea and Coke
Zero Kyoto/Coke Kumamoto/Bireley's Orange/Monster Energy/Ramu/Ramu Grape to Japan.
Oct 30, 2019: Added Coke Yamagata to Japan, Earth Water to Canada, Skiwater Mountain to
Austria, Itsu to UK, Coke 50/five Georgia Gotica to Korea and two Coke 125 Year to Thailand.
Aug 17, 2019: Added Red Bull to Norway/Sweden, Pure Perfection to Germany, Coke FIFA
test to Brazil, Coke Olympic/Club/CACC to China and four cities/Olympic/two Sazuka to Japan.
Jul 9, 2019: Added Coke/Coke Sakura to China, Coke test bottles to Czech Republic/
Croatia/Slovenia, Coke Sakura to Korea, Coke/Coke Zero Summer to Turkey and Aquarius/
Coke Okinawa/Olympics/One Piece bottles/Rugby to Japan.
May 2, 2019: Added Pokka/UCC Coffee/Love Live Tea to Japan, No Sleep Energy to Serbia
and two Monster/NOS Energy/two Rockstar bottles to Canada.
Mar 18, 2019: Added 2 Coke to Bahrain, Coke Ishen to China, Coke test to Brazil, Red Bull
to Italy, Ford Mustang to Germany, Coke Cities Hokkaido/Sakura to Japan, Coke Cities Michinoku/Sukura to Taiwan and three Konnekt bottles to Netherlands.
Jan 31, 2019: Added Coke Sakura/New Year to China, Coke Heart to Korea, Coke variant to
France, Coke M5 variant to Spain, Coke Faithless proto to BeNeLux, Coke New Year to
Hong Kong and Coke New Year/Hokkaido/Fanta White Peach to Japan.
Nov 27, 2018: Added Coke to Saudi Arabia, Coke Kakoa/Olympics/Club/2 Trendy Drinks to
China, Red Bull/Coke Club to Hong Kong, TNT Energy to Brazil, Coke/Coke Zero Summer/
Christmas to Turkey and six Coke Cities/Monster Energy/Starbucks Chocolate to Japan.
Oct 1, 2018: Added three Skiwater to Austria, Coke Autumn to China, Coke R&U to Hong
Kong, five Frank's Energy to Germany, five Coke/Coke Zero/Diet Coke test bottles to Brazil
and seventeen Qoo/Coke Autumn/six Coke Cities to Japan.
Aug 16, 2018: Added Coke Cities Hiroshima, Nagoya, Sendai, Koshien/two Coke One Piece to
Japan, Burn/Vulcano test bottles to Brazil and Coke Zero silver variant to Hungary.
July 10, 2018: Added Coke/Zero My Paris/Quick series to France, Coke New Year to Poland,
Coke 50th to Taiwan, Coke Fair to Korea, Coke Summer/Sazuka/Machi/Cities Edition to Japan
and Coke/Zero World Cup bottles to Saudi Arabia/Turkey/Taiwan/Japan.
Jun 5, 2018: Added Coke Kakao/Sprite/Georgia Gotica's to Korea, four Coke World Cup to
China, three Coke Christmas/Diet Coke Homecoming to Brazil, Red Bull to Russia, Coke
Sakura to Taiwan, Coke Isparta to Turkey and two Coke Cities edition to Japan.
Apr 10, 2018: Added Red Bull/Rockstar/V Energy to Australia, Kyoko Tea to Brazil, Red Bull
to Belgium, Coke Sakura to China, three Power Yogurt to UK, Cantata Coffee to Thailand and
Samurai Cider/Choshu/Oito/Qoo/Hata Soda/Kyoko Tea/Red Bull/Fire Black Coffee to Japan.
Feb 28,2018: Added Coke Olympics to China, Coke Light Limited to Spain, three Coke Fathers
Day to Brazil, Burn promo to Hungary, Coke Sakura to Korea and Coke Butterfly test to UK,
Sakura/Genki/Red Mamushi/Ruby Mushroom/Mitsuya Cider design to Japan.
Jan 6, 2018: Added Coke Zero Star Wars to France/UK, Monster Energy/Lo Cal to Canada,
Coke/Light/Zero regular/Christmas to Turkey, Coke Christmas to Peru, Coke Autumn/Fireworks
/Earbuds to China, Coke Olympics Incheon to Korea, Coke Windmill to Netherlands and Fanta
Apple/Melon/Peach, Coke New Year/3 cities edition/Olympics JAL to Japan.
Oct 28, 2017: Added Coke Soccer/Taste Feeling to UAE, Coke ITunes to Spain, Rain Forest
Waters to Costa Rica and Coke Autumn/Yokahama/One Pieces, Mitsuya Nippon to Japan.
Aug 11, 2017: Added Coke Cities/Fireworks/Sazuka/Olympics to Japan, Coke Chang Palace to
Hong Kong/Malaysia, Cokes to Mexico/Columbia/Peru/Malta, Coke test to Brazil, Coke
A'Dam Tower to Netherlands and Georgia Aero bottles to Japan.
Jun 22, 2017: Added Coke Erediti Iz's to Hungary, Coke Sakuras to Hong Kong, Coke Cities
Editions to Spain/France, Coke/Zero La Legendes to France, Coke Ramadan to UAE/Bosnia,
Coke Scenics/Glucose to Switzerland, Coke Olympics 2018/Sprites to Korea, Bullit/Vernis BPA
test bottle to Netherlands, Pit Bull to Bulgaria and Coke Zero WC14 proto to Brazil.
Mar 26, 2017: Added Coke Zero to Benelux, Coke/Zero Disney, Coke Olympique/Flor Hibiscus
to France, Coke Sakura, BOCO/three Beans and Roasters to Japan, Coke Club to Korea,
Synergetic to Switzerland and Mixed Ape Lime Time/Yellow Runner to Germany.
Feb 3, 2017: Added Coke Christmas bottles to Bugaria/Switzeland/Turkey/UAE, Coke to
Lebanon, Coke Heart variant to UAE, Coke Chang Palace to Korea, Coke collectors bottle
to Taiwan and Segafredo Coffee McLaren Honda to Japan.
Dec 13, 2016: Added Coke Christmas bottles to Brazil/UAE/Czech Republic/France/Romania/
Singapore/Croatia, Coke Heart/National to UAE, Coke 100 Year/4 Collector Clubs to China,
Coke/Coke Zero to France, Coke Olympics to Korea, Coke Harlequin to Netherlands, Coke M5
Lovebeing variant to Belgium, Coke Be a Gift to Philippines and Coke Collector Club to Thailand.
Oct 13, 2016: Added Coke Taste the Feelings to Austria, Coke Sarajevo Film to Bosnia, Coke
Classic to UK, Coke/Coke Zero to Belgium, Coke Amsterdam to Netherlands, two Rockstar
Artist series bottles to Canada and Coke Arabic/Palm Tree to Saudi Arabia.
Aug 18, 2016: Added Coke Olympics to Singapore/South Africa, Coke/Life/Zero Olympics to Brazil, Coke/Zero London Eye to UK, four Supercharger Energy to Chile, Stander Mint to Germany and three Fanta/Real Gold/Diet Pepsi Twist to Japan.
Jul 6, 2016: Added Coke Euro16 bottles to UAE/Singapore, Coke Taste the Feeling to Bulgaria,
Coke SPFW/Vogue to Brazil, Coke/Coke Zero Colette to France, Coke Dubrovnik to Croatia,
Coke Avicii/Cena to Spain, four Coke Collector Clubs to China, Bireleys/Nectar to Japan,
Coke Olympics to Japan/Korea/South Africa, Coke Pinoy to Philippines, Coke to UAE and
Coke/Coke Zero Union Jack, three Diet Coke Absolutely Fabulous bottles to UK.
Jun 12, 2016: Added Coke/Coke Zero Euro16 bottles to Hungary/Greece/Russia/UK/
France/Slovakia, Coke to Belgium, Coke Taste the Feeling to Russia, Coke Collectors Club/
Ribbon to Korea, Monster Zero Ultra to Canada and Georgia Cold Brews to Japan.
May 16, 2016: Added Coke Euro16 bottles to France/UAE/Belgium/Czech Republic/Italy/Croatia
/Romania/Russia/Singapore/Spain/Turkey, two Coke Roma to Italy and Coke Zero to Belgium.
Apr 20, 2016: Added Coke Euro16 bottles to Albania/Spain/Hungary/UAE, Coke Olympics
to Brazil, Coke Christmas 06 to Italy, Coke Christmas 15 to Hong Kong, Coke Olympics 10
Torch variant to Canada, Kirin DHA to Japan and new Sprite bottle to Korea.
Mar 9, 2016: Added Coke Valentine to Romania, Diet Coke/Sprite to Mexico, Coke/Starbucks
to Korea, Burns to UK/Ireland, three Coke to Thailand and Kirin Fire Star Wars series, two
Canada Dry, Asahi Wonda, Sapporo Pokka/Winy, Bireley's Honey, Fujiya Peach to Japan.
Jan 10, 2016: Added Coke Zero to Brazil, Coke to Spain, Coke to Saudi Arabia, Beauty
Water to Germany, twelve Coke/Coke Zero Euro16, Coke/Coke Zero Olympique to France,
Coke/Zero/Diet imports to Hong Kong, Coke Christmas to Japan and Coke Collector to Korea.
Dec 2, 2015: Added Coke to Brazil, Coke/Coke Zero Paris Saint Germain to France,
Coke Rugby WC/Share London to UK and Coke/Coke Light/Coke Zero to Turkey.
Oct 21, 2015: Added Avicii Coke/Coke Zero, two Ardagh Test, Boxal test to France, Boxal
test to Brazil, S8 Energy, Vernis Trial to Netherlands, Coke Comrades to South Africa,
Coke Zero to Turkey, Burn to Hungary and six Burn prototypes to Poland.
Sep 20, 2015: Added Coke/Coke Zero/two Fanta to Japan Coke, Mt Dew Avengers to Japan,
Cho Ukon to Canada, two Magma to Spain, Long horn to France, Coke FIFA to Hong Kong,
Red Bull to Ukraine, Coke FIFA/Diet Coke Anderson to UK, Fancy African to Germany.
Aug 4. 2015: Added Coke 100/McDonalds series to Hungary, Coke/Coke Light to Turkey,
Burn to Russia, Rockstar to Germany, Energetic/Glucose to Switzerland and Eska, Gettin Cool
Melon Soda, Hata Ramune, Bakkaku Coffee, two Pure Protein, four Rumble to Canada.
Jul 1, 2015: Added Coke No Reason, Ambasa to Coke Japan, Ramu, Kikicha, High Octane,
Asahi Club/Night Fever, Kokubu, Ozeki, Rescue Water, Natchan, Bireleys Fruit to Japan,
Coke 100 Year bottles to Columbia/Hungary/Korea/UAE, Coke SG50 bottles to Singapore,
Coke Christmas to Malaysia and Rockstar energy to United Kingdom.
Jun 1, 2015: Added Coke 100 Year bottles to Austria/Romania/South Africa, Coke/Zero/Diet
Womens WC/Monster Low Carb to Canada, Coke Milano Expos to Italy and Coke to Korea.
Mar 21, 2015: Added Coke Zero to Spain, Coke Vintage to Korea, Coke/Coke Zero to
Mexico and 10 Coke 100 Year Contour bottle series, Theo Grape to Germany.
Feb 7, 2014: Added Coke Christmas bottles to Brazil, Korea, Mexico, Singapore, Red Bull to
Korea, Australia, Coke to China, Coke Blak to UK and Monster, Rockstar Energy to Canada.
Oct 3, 2014: Added Coke Light Moschino/Synergetic to Switzerland, Coke Xmas 2013 to
Belarus, Coke to Thailand, KOKS to Germany and 20 bottles to Japan/Japan Coke.
Aug 10, 2014: Added Coke FIFA bottles to Chile, Coke/Diet Coke/Coke Zero Share with
Dad/Mum/London, Diet Coke Homecoming to UK and Red Bull/Burn Refresh to Japan.
May 29, 2014: Added FIFA bottles to Argentina, Norway, Thailand, Coke 125 Year to China,
Burn Energys to Japan, Poland and Coke, Coke Light, Coke Zero to Germany.
Apr 15, 2014: Added Coke FIFA bottles to Austria, Argentina, Brazil, Finland, UK, Tau to
Belgium, Coke regular, Coke Small Houses to Spain, Coke Jean-Roch, Coke Light Chantal Thomass, Chamane to France, Red Bull to Ukraine and Georgia Coffee to Japan.
Feb 19, 2014: Added Coke FIFA Draw to Brazil, Coke Hockey to Belarus, Coke Faithless
to Croatia, Coke Collector Club to China and Diet Coke Jacobs variant to UK.
Jan 7, 2014: Added Coke FIFA to Brazil, Coke 500ml to Korea, Coke Sochi variants to
Russia, Coke 125 year variant to China, Coke Sziget variant to Hungary and W Coffee to Japan.
Dec 9, 2013: Added Coke XMAS, Lipton Teas to Benelux, Coke XMAS' to France/UK,
Coke Olympics to Venezuela, Ramu to China and Sangaria to Hong Kong.
Nov 10, 2013: Added Coke Christmas to Austria, Coke Olympic Quebec variants to Canada,
V Energy to New Zealand, W Coffee, Cafe Kaldi to Japan and Planet Energy to Netherlands.
Nov 7, 2013: Added Red Bull to Australia, Coke Christmas to Norway, Bubble Rocket,
Soda Bombe, Sprite retro, Diet Sprite, Kirin Lemon and Ginger Ale to Japan.
Oct 9, 2013: Added Coke Light Jacobs to Switzerland, Coke M5s to Argentina,
Paraguay and Coke updates, Fantas/Gettin Cool Sangarias, Ashigara Teas to Japan.
Sep 15, 2013: Added Ginger Ale, Sangaria Strawberry/Pineapple, three Sprites,
Diet Pepsi twist, Fanta Orange to Japan and Coke Light Jacobs to Norway.
Sep 2, 2013: Added Coke Sochi's to Russia, Coke Light Jacobs to Finland, Coke Blak
variations to France, Coke/Sprite exports to Chile and Pepsi Beyonce to Italy.
Jul 22, 2013: Added Coke to Columbia, Coke Olympic to Venezuela, Coke Calendar Girl to
Korea, Coke Guetta to France, Coke M5s to Turkey and 3 Coke WE8 bottles to Hong Kong.
Jun 24, 2013: Added Coke/Coke Zero Share with Dad to UK, Coke Share, Cannes
 to France, Coke Share to Belgium and Coke Polar Bear to Norway
May 30, 2013: Added Good4U energy drinks to Canada, Cupido drinks to Italy,
and Doutor/Barista's Iced Coffee, Diet Pepsi Real Madrid to Japan.
May 22, 2013: Added Coke Light Jacobs to Denmark/UK, Coke Music/Blak variation to
France, Dubbel Frisss to Netherlands, Coke Zero/Euro 2008 to Denmark, Tao to Belgium,
Coke WE8 to Hong Kong, Coke M5 variations to Spain/UK and Aroma/Soul Uganda tp Japan.
Apr 19, 2013: Added High Octane, Miracle, Pocari to Japan, OC-1 to Germany,
V Energy to Australia, Coke WE8 to Brazil and Coke Light Jacobs to France, Belgium.
Feb 11, 2013: Added Coke Polar to Denmark and Coke Sziget variation to Hungary.
Feb 9, 2013: Added Burn variations to Poland, Hungary, Pit Bull to Bulgaria,
PSY to Hungary, Hot 6ix to Korea and Pepsi X to new catagory, Romania.
Feb 5, 2013: Added several variations to Japan and Coke Japan.
Jan 24, 2013: Added Coke Polar Bears to France, Finland and Belgium.
Jan 19, 2013: Added Coke Zero DSL set and Pepsi Carnival to Japan.
Dec 29, 2012: Added Coke and Sprite to new catagory, Korea.
Dec 13, 2012: Added Boco Lupo to Australia, Juzzy to Austria and fiGA to Italy.
Nov 25, 2012: Added LYF to Canada, Coke Christmas to Austria, Coke Zero Skyfall to Italy,
Coke C2, Olympics 2006, Cola Float to Japan and Chamanes, Waka energy to France.
Nov 14, 2012: Added Coke Zero to Finland, two Kidibul, Skyfall to Belgium
White test bottles to Netherlands, Italy and Magma to Spain.
Nov 4, 2012: Added three Coke bottles to Finland, Coke 125 Year variation to France,
Coke Zero Skyfall to UK, Coke Light Gualtiers to UK/Norway, and Mt Dew Energy to Italy.
Oct 20, 2012: Added Coke Zero to Australia.
Oct 14, 2012: Added Coke Light to Spain, Calpis, Sapporo, Schwepps
and three Ramu bottles to Japan.
Oct 1, 2012: Added Coke Zero Skyfall to France.
Sep 16, 2012: Added Carl Cox Coke to France.
Sep 12, 2012: Added four Coke Olympic bottles to UK, Coke Light
Gaultier Tattoo bottle to Belgium and Maracuja to Germany.
Sep 7, 2012: Added Pepsi Ichiro and Goodbye 20th Century sets to Japan.
Aug 15, 2012: Added Coke Olympic Diving, Gaultier and Lagerfeld bottles
to Denmark and added new catagory, South Africa.
Aug 13, 2012: Added Coke Olympic Hurdles to Belgium.
Aug 9, 2012: Added Lagerfeld and Gaultier Coke Light bottles to Belgium, France,
new catagories created and Coke bottles added to Australia, Norway.
Aug 8, 2012: Added Coke, Coke Zero Olympics to UK, France, Coke Euro 2012
bottles to France, Austria and Pepsi Twist to Italy.
Apr 29, 2012: Added Coke Euro 12's to Spain.
Apr 18, 2012: Added Diet Coke Gaultier's to UK.
Apr 8, 2012: Added Mixed Ape drinks to Germany.
Apr 1, 2012: Added Dark Dog Energy drinks to Austria.
Mar 19, 2012: Added Pepsi Angry Birds to Mexico, Coke Lights to Brazil and
Coke Music Festival bottles to Columbia.
Mar 10, 2012: Initial upload complete, 28 countries, 269 listings.